The Reelpower WC accessories consist of items like carts, stands, turntables, spool winders that can be used to support your distribution requirements. Accessories like Conduit carts are designed to make it easy for the warehouse to move conduit around the facility easily. Similarly, our complete line of turntables, both powered and non-powered make it easy to pay-off material from a spool, it can be paired with Reelpower WC machines. Our reel stands and reels are favorites with distribution as well as with customer, reducing scrap in the field and improving a customer's overall profitability.
  • Truck Mounted Re-Reeler

    Truck Mounted Re-Reeler

      Truck MounTed re-reeler allows dispensing of wire, cable and other flexible products in coils or on reels 36 inch diameter times 200 lbs. capacity! Provided with bearing mounts & adjustable drag brake....

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